Aston Martin To Build 200 Examples Of The Lagonda

Sleek, powerful, desirable and now to complete the formation EXPENSIVE. Those are the four words that pop in your mind when you see images of the Aston Martin Lagonda. Aston Martin announced in Geneva earlier this year that the Lagonda will be offered outside of the Middle East with a limited run of just 200. Pricing was not confirmed until specialist dealer in the UK unintentionally revealed the price. Coming in at £696,000 (R14m) that is how much the ultra exclusive Lagonda will set you back. But we are yet to get official pricing from Aston Martin.

Power will come from the same naturally-aspirated 6.0-liter V12 used in the Rapide S, rated at 552 hp and 630 Nm of torque. Paired to a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox, the Lagonda will hit a top speed of around 200 mph (320 km/h).




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