Mansory Aventador For Sale In Dubai

The Lamborghini Aventador is amazing piece of car straight out of the factory. But to German based tuner Mansory there is always room for improvement. This particular model popped up for sale in Dubai  for an easy R7.15M (€500 000) but would probably be double by the time it reaches South African soil.

This Mansory Aventador comes in an eye watering orange paint scheme, loads of carbon fibre in the interior, black and orange leather seats with diamond weave stitching on the side panels. The exterior is fitted with an amazing aerodynamic kit. The car is also fitted with ultralight forged wheels with carbon inlays. Mansory has also fitted the Aventador with a high-performance exhaust and optimized engine management.

To freshen up your memory, the Aventador is powered by a 6.5litre V12 pushing out 510kW (700hp) and a 7 speed semi-automatic transmission driving all four wheels. Top speed: 350km/h (217mph)




Images via – dealsonwheels

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