BMW M6 Gran Coupe by ENLAES

When it comes to cars and especially sports cars, there’s always room for improvement. Meet the BMW M6 Gran Coupe by ENLAES. This is by far one of the best tuned BMW’s I have seen. This beauty is fitted with ENLAES aero kit which includes a 2 piece front lip, side skirts, boot lid and rear diffuser. Not only do these additions add a more aggressive look to the car but also helps with downforce and  also helps as a drag reduction tool. The car is also fitted with a lowering kit so those 21″ matte Gunmetal M510 Avant Garde wheels look perfect on the car and gives it that stanced looked. No engine mods have been done, so power remains the same from its Twin Turbo V8 which pumps 418kW and 680Nm of torque


bmw-m6gc-avant-garde-wheels-2 (1)



bmw-m6gc-avant-garde-wheels-4 (1)




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