Bodyguard Crashes Boss’s Pagani Zonda, Gets To Keep His Job.

How lucky is this guy? Andy Danso (bodyguard) recently crashed Jen-Te Chen’s (boss) 214mph Pagani Zonda into railings in Wembley, London after accidentally pressing the cars accelerator whilst trying to adjust his seat.To make matters worse the £1m supercar was an insured. Initially Danso had told police he was trying to avoid a silver car when the accident occurred, but when officers produced the CCTV evidence, there was no “Silver car” then later altered his story and insisted that he was altering his driving position as he drove through an industrial estate but was too embarrassed to tell officers.

Danso was handed nine points on his licence, fined £1000 and ordered to pay £400 cost. Danso kept his job as his defence solicitor described him as “man of good character”. As for how much the damages will cost only Pagani themselves can tell.

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