BMW M235i MH2 by Manhart

There’s no other way to describe this car but absolutely amazing. To many die hard BMW fans the BMW M235i is quite a desirable car especially when you’re going to smack some BMW M Performance Parts on it. Enough with the “standard” BMW M235i, meet the MH2 by Manhart. it is fitted with an awesome custom wide body kit that really stands out from the rest of the tuned BMW 2 series out there. The straight-six turbocharged engine has been tuned in the M235i by using a larger intercooler, a sport exhaust system with downpipes and racing cats and new software, and managed to extract (320 kW) 430 horsepower and 590 Nm of torque out of it.

The kit on the car consists of  front and rear spoilers, optional rear diffuser, side skirts, fender extensions, and optional tall rear wing. Other mechanicals besides the engine is sport suspension, uprated brakes and finally the cherry on top those beautiful Satin Black HRE P44SC wheels.

Manhart-BMW-M235i-00 Manhart-BMW-M235i-0 Manhart-BMW-M235i-1 Manhart-BMW-M235i-3 Manhart-BMW-M235i-9 Manhart-BMW-M235i-8 Manhart-BMW-M235i-6 Manhart-BMW-M235i-5 Manhart-BMW-M235i-4Manhart-BMW-M235i-7

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