Imola Red BMW F80 M3

The BMW M3 comes in many different colours, but this one in particular is pretty special, Imola Red. The guys at  European Auto Source decided this special colour deserves some special touches. Here is the list: BMC Performance Air Filters, BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Splitters with Lip, BMW M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel, a BMW M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles, the ESS E-Tronic ECU Tuner and Evolution Racewerks Competition Series Catless Downpipes installed. For a more stanced look, European Auto Source also fitted it with a KW HAS Height Adjustable Spring Sleeve-Over Kit. Enough talk, check out these awesome images.

20201048194_0f9042df3a_o20814216422_117ceae468_o 20202701953_3849c45197_o 20635686108_38c050224e_o (1) 20636958489_abdb62a936_o 20636962969_3bb2839645_o 20636968479_ebaa8ae33d_o  20823726215_2a3867d0b5_o (1) 20830766211_c5b6e40070_o 20830782171_e3bca73e26_o

Images via European Auto Source

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