IBV Supercarclub Beach Party

The IBV Supercar Club, founded by Ashok Sewnarain, the CEO of International Bank Vaults (IBV) hosted a members only all white breakfast run and beach party on Sunday, 31 January from Gateway, KwaZulu-Natal.


The event was in celebration of the recent launch of the IBV Superclub launched in Dubai in December of 2015. With a turnout of over 50 supercars with an estimated value of over R 250 Million ranging from the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary to the only Lamborghini Murcialago SV in Southern Africa, the event brought the Gateway Shopping Mall to a stand still.

The breakfast run began at Gateway, heading down the N2 northbound towards Balitto before heading back South to the popular local spot, Beach Bums located near Tongaat.

IMG_6965 (1).JPG
Addressing the club members, media and numerous bloggers and photographers, Ashok said “I would love to firstly acknowledge the hard work of the staff at IBV who have put together such a great event in celebration of the launch of our Dubai Supercar Club. We launched it in December 2015 and the response that we have received from them (Dubai members) is completely amazing. This year we will be hosting a track day at the F1 Track in Abu Dhabi, which is a wonderful venue, I encourage all of the members here to join us. For those who cannot, not to worry, we will be having a track day at the lovely Dezzi Raceway on Saturday, 5 March”.

For more images you can head over to this link https://app.box.com/s/p1qdhd6z441ckttmbzcj5pdyc5f58zl4

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