IBV Supercar Club Track Day March 2016

After the last IBV Supercar Club track day back in October 2015 at Dezzi Raceway (Portshepstone- 1 hour 30 minutes away from Durban) 2016 promised to be yet another awesome year were super car club members got to lay down some rubber on the asphalt to their hearts content around the 2.5 km technical and daring racetrack.

IBV Supercar Club March 5 2016 (25 of 110).jpgA great turn out as the public got to get a taste of what track days are all about with an introduction of a Hospitality Suite (such great motivation). Some new faces and a trip from Johannesburg by Grant Mason of Silvercrest Financial Solutions and his mates in nothing but Italy’s finest super cars. Yet another great event put together by the IBV Supercar Club team as we see the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. We cannot wait for the next event. Here is some imagery from the event and a little video by Nalendren Naik-SuperCars. Enjoy.

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