Startech’s Bentley Bentayga is a proper looker.

Of course, the decidedly olive-coloured Bentayga is just one Portuguese customer’s perfect version. You can spec your Startech Bentayga with any number of interior and exterior options. If you want black leather seats with white stitching and a picture of a donkey embossed in the headrest, you need only ask.

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And it’s not just Startech who’s had a crack at replacing the subtlety of the Bentayga with noise and carbon ibre. Mansory’s already had a crack, with predictably Mansory-esque results (hey, at least it’s consistent), and lesser-known tuners DMC (not to be confused with DeLorean), who’ve created the ‘Gigante’, a bright orange Bentayga with 692bhp.

It seems that the Bentayga’s quickly becoming the darling of the tuning set. Because, as Michelle Pfeiffer once said in Scarface, nothing exceeds like excess.

But what would your perfect Bentayga look like, and who would you get to build it?

Words: Craig Jamieson (

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