Engen Xtreme Team tackles round two with defending champ and championship second

Simon Moss

A good showing by Engen Xtreme Team’s Simon Moss in the opening event of the 2017 Sasol GTC Africa series in Cape Town sees him enter round two in second place in the championship.

Moss lines his Engen Xtreme Audi A3 GTC at Kyalami in Johannesburg on Saturday, 22 April, in what will be the second time the Sasol GTC Africa series will race at one of South Africa’s most iconic circuits.

Defending Sasol GTC Africa champion, and Moss’ Engen Xtreme Teammate, Michael Stephen, aims to make round two a decidedly different outing to what he experienced at the opening event at Killarney, where technical issues interfered with what was shaping up to be a strong start to the new year.

“We started the season with a bit of bad and good luck,” says Terry Moss, Team Principal and owner of Terry Moss Racing. “Thanks to Michael, the Engen Xtreme Team had a great start to the GTC series last season and now Simon has stepped up at the start of this season to get us going on good footing.”

“When the pair of them are on song together, it is going to make things very, very tough for our competition. The aim is for that to happen from the Kyalami round, with the Engen Audi Xtreme A3 GTCs running side-by-side – which of them gets to finish in front, well that’s for Michael and Simon to work out on the track.”

Two eight-lap races await the Engen Xtreme Team for their Kyalami outing. Two chances to dominate and to continue showing off the prowess of the Engen Xtreme Audi A3 GTC.

“I have anticipated that Simon will step forward and show maturity and talent on track,” says Moss. “He opened the season with two good second-place finishes and starts the next event in second place overall. That puts him in a strong position and a good qualifying could give him the upper hand at Kyalami.

“Michael’s skill on track is unquestioned, for him it is simply a matter of getting past the mechanical issues from Cape Town, moving into high gear and pole position, from round two.”


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