McLaren P1 LM Sets New Nurburgring Record!

The Nurburgring record has seen quite a few records being broken this year and the latest being the McLaren P1 LM breaking the record for the fastest road legal car around the Green Hell with a stonking time of 6:43.22 with Kenny Bräck behind the wheel.

After setting a record at The Goodwood Festival Of Speed there was a lot of speculation that it will break the Ring record. Ladies and gentlemen speculate no more. The P1 LM proved 2 seconds faster than the Nio EP9’s which went around the ring in 6:45 and nearly 9 seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante which set a time of 6:52.01.

The McLaren P1 LM is based on the track only P1 GTR.  The P1 LM was made street-legal by aftermarket firm Lazante Motorsport. Only 5 of these have been produced and all have been spoken for.

What attributed to the P1 LM smashing the record was some of these changes to the track-only McLaren P1 GTR.

  • Lots of exposed carbon fibre in the interior.
  • Inconel exhaust.
  • Titanium tailpipes.
  • Removal of the air-jack system.
  • Lighter seats.
  • Aerodynamic rear wing and front splitter.
  • Fully exposed carbon fiber roof.

Thanks to the aerodynamic changes the P1 LM makes 40 percent downforce. Let’s not forget the engine powering this record-breaker which is a 986hp turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 and electric engine and is limited to 214mph.

Too prove it’s streetabilily the car was driven from the Nurburgring (which is in Germany) back to the companies headquarters which is based in the UK.

Watch the full video of the record here:

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