Poll! Best AMG Model Ever Built!

AMG, three letters known to be branded of Mercedes-Benz models to be more aesthetically pleasing, pack more power, and improve handling. Celebrating 50 years of AMG, we held a Poll yesterday asking which is the best AMG model ever built is and the best 10 best comments will be featured today.

In no particular order:
1.@Miluake21 (Twitter)

CLK DTM – Imo the ultimate AMG poster child. Old skool V8, super rare (only 40 in rhd), racing derived & achingly gorgeous 💨Image: Madwhips


2. @iMbenjez (Twitter)

A45 AMG,it was a game changer other car manufactures were sleeping on hot hatch segment.Image: cars.co.za


3. @carspotterfranschhoek (Instagram)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series. Absolutely stunning car. Very rare and quick. Also unique due to the gull wing doors.Image: Marc Rudman Photography


4. @nashandran (Instagram)

Can definitely tell the age demographic based on this question/poll 😂 for me- ’92 W124 “Hammer” AMG!Image: Bring A Trailer


5. @ibuzn786 (Instagram)

I think it’s the 1998 SL73 AMG👌..I know I know it’s old but according to my knowledge it still had over 500 hp..7.3 V12..true power of AMG..madness like always..and it stood out..was even appreciated by Pagani owner I read somewhere..he made AMG build it for him for the Pagani Zonda🔥..if we talking recent AMG 2000 onwards it’s the 2017 AMG GT R..4.0 twin turbo v8 and 577hp..phew now that’s AMG at their best..😉..anyways these polls are so interesting..thank you..Image: netcarshow.com


6. @avikar6512 (Instagram)

CL63 AMG. Best of both worlds. Brute power with luxury of an S Class.Image: MotorTrend


7. @nashkal___ (Instagram)

SL55 AMG. Very rare model. Don’t even see them on the road nowadays. It shares the same 5.4L engine with one of the best and well built hypercars ever (Mclaren SLR). Has a supercharger in a fricken Mercedes. It’s the model that took AMG’s name and got it to be properly recognised.Image: Autocar


8. @ji.vaj (Instagram)

C63 amg black series or legacy edition. They both have the best looks and the sound is just amazing….They are amazing cars to have fun with and burn some rubber…that’s how the clouds in durban are made.Image: Dbn Spotter


9. @preezy_sa (Instagram)

CLK63 AMG Black Series.IMG_7396Image: Dbn Spotter


10. @saileshpillay (Instagram)

For me and most of the commenters above it has to be the W204 C63 AMG, this car was THE defining AMG of our generation in South Africa! From the brutal sound and ferocity of the M156 6.2l naturally aspirated V8 to it’s dominating reputation of being the modern day muscle car and 4 door drift beast, this car was the reason for South Africa being one of the biggest consumers of AMG cars in the world!Image: Mercedes-Benz

Honorary mentions.


@cam_naidoo (Instagram)

The 1957 “Gullwing” 300SL. Elegant, sophisticated and sheer class. Top speed of 260km/h and for its time had one of the most advanced suspensions. Although pre-AMG era, this car deserves the AMG badge more than any other car listed here.Image: Pinterest

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