Watching The Last Dodge Viper Ever Built Drifting Is Pure Art!

So a few months ago Dodge announced that they will stop producing the Viper (that date being the 31st of August 2017). Sad to see such an icon being killed off reason being the stiff competition that’s miles ahead of Viper.
The video was created by Dodge’s long-time partner Pennzoil. The video was produced by Ozan Biron (including all Joyride short films by Pennzoil) and features the 645hp Dodge Viper piloted by the talented Rhys Millen through the streets of Miami.

Drifting, tire smoke, exhaust flames, and sparks, this is by far one of the best car short films and some kick-ass piece of driving we’ve seen yet.

We won’t spoil the fun by explaining what’s going on in the film, take a look for yourself in the video below. (PS. There’s a little teaser on which car they are gonna do next at the end of the film) Enjoy!

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