800hp Mercedes-AMG C63s Estate by Wimmer RST

Estate cars are not cars to be taken lightly these days especially on the performance front (eg. Audi RS6 Avant, Mercedes-AMG E63s Estate). To a certain degree, you can actually call them sleepers because their so unassuming.

The Mercedes-AMG C63s Estate makes a potent 510hp from its 4.0 liter bi-Turbo V8. But what Wimmer has done is turn it up all the way to 11. Packaged with “Wimmer RS level V” it now produces a colossal 801hp and an earth turning 900 N.m of torque.
Power has been gained through the use of:

* Upgraded turbochargers

* And additional water pump

* New fuel pump and intercoolers

* Stainless steel exhaust

To keep road holding in check, the C63s Estate rides on 20″ BBS wheels and has been installed with KW coilover suspension and a mental green wrap to go with the insane power this car makes. The package will cost you an easy $33,200 (R425 000)


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