We Sample BMW’s Updated 4 Series.


Mpumalanga – BMW recently launched an update of their 4 Series range which has a trickle of more class and athleticism. We headed over to Mpumalanga to sample these beauts ourselves on some of the most beautiful roads and scenic backdrops one could only wish for.

With the introduction of the BMW 4 Series Coupe in 2013, and expanding their range with the cabriolet and Gran Coupe a year after, BMW has sold over 400,000 worldwide and South Africa consuming just 5,500 locally (up to end of 2016). Like with all good things, believe it or not, they can be better. Introducing a few subtle styling tweaks to make the car stand out and under the skin, modifications to enhance the car’s sporty driving dynamics. With a few interior changes, the 4 Series remains a pleasant place to be in with a few styling enhancements such as new interior trims to suit different owners tastes.


The exterior of the 4 Series receives new reshaped front and rear bumpers, wheel designs, and 2 new colours available exclusively for the 4 Series range which is Sunset Orange and the one we’re in love with Snapper Rocks Blue. BMW has phased out the xenon headlights technology and in its place are restyled LED headlights (with an option of Adaptive LED headlights) which add a bit more pantomime to the cars already striking good looks. New rear LED come as standard as with the LED front foglamps. The range also gets modified air intakes, line-specific applications and the new rear apron add further striking touches. Touching on exclusivity once more, it features one new model-specific wheel design each for the Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport equipment lines. The list of options available allows the owner of the new 4 Series to customize their car to their specific taste.


Moving inside, not much has changed besides new electroplated detailing, chrome applications and center console in high-gloss black that gives the already beautiful cabin a more exclusive feel. Business Navigation screen comes as standard on all models with a more intuitive Professional Navigation found in the new 7 and 5 Series being an optional extra.

How does it drive? Very well. Having a lower center of gravity, wider front and rear track coupled with revised suspension for the 4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe it delivers a sportier driving experience without compromising driving comfort. Redesigned chassis, stiffer suspension, and modified dampers work in tandem to further enhance the car’s sportier driver dynamics. The engineers have also updated the ABS for shorter braking distances. The cabriolet version gets a more direct steering setup.

There are three petrol engines (BMW 420i (135 kW), BMW 430i (185 kW) and BMW 440i (240 kW)) and one diesel option (BMW 420d (140 kW)) available for all of the new BMW 4 Series models – except for the BMW 4 Series Convertible, which is only offered in the petrol engine derivatives. After driving the 420d and 440i one got to really experience the changes these cars have undergone when it comes to the handling front of the vehicles.


Sharper design for the BMW M4, too.

The BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible now come as standard with the adaptive full-LED headlights. And the newly designed full-LED rear lights again freshen up appearances and inject technical appeal. Besides this, a number of styling touches have been added to give the cabin of the sportiest BMW 4 Series variants an even more sophisticated air. And the two M4 models likewise feature the updated version of the Navigation system Professional and other ConnectedDrive features.

Prices in the range might make your eyes pop out a bit, but putting into consideration of what you’re getting in terms of the design, exclusivity and an all round packaging the price of these vehicles is justifiable.




Gran Coupe


R624,400 (Auto)

R624,400 (Auto)

R736,200 (Auto)

R711,100 (Auto)

R711,100 (Auto)

R848,400 (Auto)

R861,100 (Auto)

R861,100 (Auto)

R985,100 (Auto)

R660,100 (Auto)

R660,100 (Auto)

*not available*

R1,251,036 (Auto)

*not available*

R1,433,762 (Auto)

 420i  430i  440i  420d  M4

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