Big Daddy Is Back: 2018 BMW M5


When BMW introduced the M5 variant back in 1985, it was the go-to car if you wanted something that will transport five occupants with ease and have that proper sports car look and appeal. Fast forward 32 years later and onto its fifth generation – the BMW M5 is on everybody’s lips when it comes to super saloons! This will be the sixth generation when launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

One of the BMW M5’s star features has always been its engine, and the 2018 model is no different. It’s powered by a 4.4 litre which now develops 600hp and 750 N.m (same power as “Competition Package” and “30 Jahre M5” but 70 N.m more than the older version) It is now mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and features BMW’s new M xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Fear not BMW M fans, most of the power is sent to rear wheels and only sends power to the front when it detects a drop in traction. One of the highlights of this system is its 2wd-mode that can shut off the all-wheel-drive system and send power only to the rear, allowing the driver to initiate sideways action on demand.


The new BMW M5’s acceleration is a mind bending 0 – 100 km/h comes in 3.4 seconds and will go on to an electronically governed 250 km/h and with the optional M Driver’s Package will raise the top speed to 304 km/h.

The styling of the M5 has always been one of my favourite traits about the car. Though subtle, certain cues give you the sense you’re in a genuine performance saloon – the enlarged air intakes for improved performance and, redesigned rear diffuser, spoiler and side skirts. The car weighs in at 1905 KGs thanks to aluminum alloys and carbon-reinforced plastic that keeps weight down.


The interior is pretty rad too; gesture control, M-specific head-up display and multiple driving modes keep the driver entertained.

*South African prices for the BMW M5 are yet to be released but deliveries will start in the first quarter of 2018.

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