More powerful, lighter, and very green!

Porsche have chosen quite a colour to release images and specs of their new 991.2 GT3 RS. Aside from its rather “look at me” colour, this car is due to make its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. The GT3 RS now has been given another 15 kW from its naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six engine which now makes stonking 383 kW and redlines 9000 rpm. That’s music to my ears. The results are that the new GT3 RS is one-tenth quicker from 0- 100 km/h which now takes 3.2 seconds.

high_911_gt3_rs_2018_porsche_ag (2).jpg

Porsche says, “Technology straight from motorsport ensures that the chassis offers exceptional driving dynamics. Ball joints on all arms provide even greater precision than conventional elastokinematic bearings. 20-inch lightweight wheels with newly developed 265/35 sports tyres on the front axle enhance agility and steering behaviour, while 21‑inch wheels with 325/30 tyres at the rear axle improve traction.”

To save a bit of weight, the interior features full bucket seats made of carbon, Lightweight door panels with storage nets and opening loops, reduced sound absorption and the new lightweight rear lid are all part of the weight saving diet.

high_911_gt3_rs_2018_porsche_ag (8).jpg

At no cost Porsche offers it with the Clubsport package which consists of a roll-over bar, a manual fire extinguisher, preparation for a battery disconnect switch and a six-point belt. If you’re thinking of taking it to the next level in weight reduction you can opt for the Weissach package. This package features additional carbon components for the chassis, interior and exterior, as well as optional magnesium wheels. In its lightest configuration, this package reduces the weight of the 911 GT3 RS down to 1,430 kilogrammes.

The starting price is R3 220 000 and is available to order in South Africa.


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