Dubbed the CLR G770, this beast is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show!

Lumma Design tales very good looking SUV’s and turns them all the way up to 11. As if the new 2018 Mercedes-AMG G63 (which is also set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show) is not potent enough, this CLR G770 by Lumma Design will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. LUMMA Design is one of the first tuners to preview an extensive personalisation programme for the revitalised SUV legend.

Design wise the car gets the distinctive Widebody carbon-fibre kit. Newly developed LUMMA CLR Racing 2 fill the wheel arches in the form of either 23 or 24 inch wheel sizes. If you’re feeling like a boss you can opt for the LUMMA CLR 24 RS wheel, which comes in 10.5J x 24-inch size with 295/30ZR24 rubber in front, with 13.0J x 24-inch rear wheels wrapped in 355/25ZR24 rubber. You’re going to own the road with those. The carbon wheel arches extend the vehicle’s width by 40mm per side. Talk about presence!


Full carbon-fibre bonnet with vents specially designed for more effective cooling. The front bumper features carbon fibre centre section with twin-LED daytime running lights. Along the side, you find square exhaust outlets neatly integrated into the new side panels.

The CLR G770 is what Lumma Design would call a ” carbon-fibre fest”. Aside from the front and wheel arches, we also find carbon fibre door mirror caps, door handles, side mouldings, rear bumper features a carbon-fibre centre section, spare wheel cover, roof spoiler, and roof bar with additional daytime running lights are housed in carbon fibre.

With an extensive list of interior options, owners have the freedom to express their individuality. Simple upgrades such as an aluminium pedal set with non-slip rubber inserts, and LUMMA branded carpet mats with real leather edging are available.


Suspension lowering kit, and a sports exhaust system with flap control are available to owners on demand.

Lumma hasn’t released any engine upgrades or performance figures as yet, but we do expect them in the near future.

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